Harnessing the energy of the sun with the help of advance technology

The energy of the sun is a stream of photons and is of great importance for all life on our planet. The sun ensures the existence of life on Earth, affecting the fundamental processes in the biosphere. Thanks to the sun, the seas, rivers, the surface of the planet heat up, the wind blows and so on. Man has long begun to use the light from the sun in their economic activities. But alternative energy took shape as an independent industry not so long ago. Meanwhile, solar energy plays an increasingly important role in economic activity. As the heat source, the sun has been used for a long time, and recently a large number of devices and systems for this have appeared. Today we will talk about how a person uses solar energy. In order to know more about solar power texas, you may always seek information from the internet.

Where is solar energy used?

Solar energy use is increasing annually. Not so long ago, the sun’s energy was used to heat the water in the summer cottage in a summer shower. And today, various installations are already used to heat private houses, in cooling towers. Solar panels generate electricity, which is necessary to provide energy to small villages.

Where is solar energy used?

At the moment, we can name the following areas of solar energy use, for example,

  • Aviation and space industry.
  • Heating and electricity supply of greenhouses, hangars and other outbuildings.
  • The use of solar energy in the home (heating and electrification of residential buildings).
  • Power supply of medical and sports facilities.
  • The use of solar energy to illuminate urban objects. 
  • Electrification of small settlements.

The use of the first samples of solar modules confirmed that the energy of the sun has significant advantages compared with traditional sources. The main advantages of solar systems it is almost unlimited supply, no harm to the environment, as well as free use. This list of advantages should be expanded. Stable power, since the current from the solar batteries does not have power surges.  The disadvantages include the strong dependence of work efficiency on the intensity of the sun’s rays and the lack of electricity generation at night. To solve this problem, such systems work in conjunction with batteries.

Features of the use of solar energy

Photoelectric radiation of the sun is converted into photovoltaic cells. This is a two layer structure consisting of 2 semiconductors of various types. The semiconductor at the bottom is the p type, and the top one is the n type. The first has a lack of electrons, and the second has an excess.

The principle of operation of the solar battery

The electrons of the n type semiconductor absorb solar radiation, as a result of which the electrons in it go out of orbit. The impulse force is enough to go to the p type semiconductor. As a result, a directed electron flow occurs and electricity is generated. By production of photo cells silicon is used.

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