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Energy Savings

Indoor Air Quality 101 Part 1

Understanding IAQ

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a term used to describe how the air inside your home affects the people that live in it. EPA studies have recently shone a light on the growing issue of indoor air pollution, ranking it as one of the top 5 health concerns in the United States. These studies show that the air in an average home has between 2 – 10 times more pollution than the air outside. Pollutants ar…

American Standard AccuComfort A/C

Variable Speed AC

American Standard’s new Platinum ZV and Platinum XV variable speed air conditioning systems are taking home comfort to new levels.  An AccuComfort air conditioner can outperform both one and two stage systems by eliminating the peaks and valleys in the cooling cycle.

Single stage systems only have 2 options, either the air conditioning system is running or the system is turned off.

Cleaning Your AC Condenser Coil

AC Condenser Coil Cleaning

What is an AC Condenser Coil?
Condenser coils are located outside of your home in the condensing unit. The condenser coil and condensing fan serve the same purpose as the radiator in your car.  The condensing coil takes the heat from your home that is absorbed by your evaporator coil and releases it outside.
Why does it need to be cleaned?
Over time dirt, debris, and pollen get sucked into…

Energy Smart Club

Energy Smart Club

What is the Energy Smart Club?

The Energy Smart Club from HousePro brings a professional technician to your home twice a year to inspect your unit(s), clean vital Parts, run diagnostics and assess any improvements in performance that can be made to your air conditioning system.

Energy Smart Club Benefits:

1 Year Warranty All labor is warranted to be free of defects for a period of 1…

Halloween Energy Savings Tips

The scariest thing about Halloween shouldn’t be your energy bill.  We’ve assembled a few simple halloween energy savings tips to help you and your family stop your energy bills from turning into monsters.

LED Bulbs & Candles
Try using LED lights or candles when decorating your home this year.  Candles can help create a spooky atmosphere for your home and LED lights save energy becaus…

Will Your Houston AC Survive Summer?

Summer AC Repair

The Houston summer is nearly here and things are starting to heat up.  Homeowners are beginning to rely on their air conditioning systems to run day and night to keep their family cool.  Most of us don’t give much thought to our Houston AC system until we start sweating.  We cringe at the thought of air conditioning repair  or replacement but the majority of homeowners do not perform annua…

How to Maximize Air Conditioning Efficiency

Maximize Air Conditioning Efficiency

As we get closer to another Houston summer you can expect your air conditioning costs and energy bills to start rising.  Two of the biggest issues when it comes to saving money on your energy bill are annual AC maintenance and replacing air conditioning systems that have outlived their lifespan. People often look for ways to improve their car efficiency but overlook the larger savings found in…

Attic Ventilation = Energy Savings

attic vents

What is attic ventilation and what are its benefits?
Attic ventilation refers to an inlet and outlet system on your home that allows a constant flow of air in and out of the attic.  An effective attic ventilation system provides year round benefits by keeping the attic cool during summer and keeping the attic dry during winter.  A cool attic lowers energy costs because the air conditioner does…

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fan by Attic Breeze

Most people are unaware that they are losing huge amounts of money by not optimizing there attic.  Today’s topic is Solar Attic Fans:

How it works:

1. Heat Builds Inside An improperly Vented Attic
The sun beats down on a homes’ roof and heats up the enclosed attic space. Passive vents (soffit or gable) allow some circulation but do not provide the pressure needed to force out the hot…

Is money leaking out of your home?

Air leakage, or infiltration, occurs when outside air enters a house uncontrollably through cracks and openings. Properly air sealing such cracks and openings in your home can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs, improve building durability, and create a healthier indoor environment.

Many air leaks and drafts are easy to find because they are easy to feel — like those around…

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